Unconditional love and intimacy

It reflects my friend’s propensity for unconditional love and his projecting of that same capacity onto women. But a woman’s love is always conditional. When a man says he wants a woman to love him for who he is , the type of love he is referring to is the kind only his mother can give him. Your mother is the only woman who will ever love you unconditionally. In our brutish past, a man who fell out of love with and subsequently left his aging and bloating wife would jeopardize the survival of their common offspring. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/02/im-stretching-her-g-spot.html and https://vitalitysupplementsblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/invest-in-yourself/

So nature left a fail-safe mechanism in place to ensure that men didn’t leave their wives even when they were no longer as aesthetically pleasing as in their youth: unconditional love. This is one reason, incidentally, that although high sexual mastery men often take on younger mistresses later in life (because they are hotter) they still profess undying love and devotion for their wives. They aren’t usually lying when they say this. On the other hand, a woman who remained in love with a man who had, say, become a cripple and lost all his provisioning ability would severely limit her chances of passing along her genes. Women, or rather, women’s genes, could not afford to be irrationally devoted to a man without the capacity to feed and protect his children. And this is why nature left in place an inverse fail-safe for women: conditional love. The truth is, all female love is conditional in one way or another and a man can never separate who he is from what he is. Women marry men either on the basis of already manifested accomplishments or the potential for such accomplishments. A woman who falls in love with and marries young to a man with a promising future is taking a chance on him, but if he turns out to be a listless couch potato later in life she will fall out of love with him. Now, before you start disparaging women for being so calculating and pragmatic in matters of the heart, remember that a) hypergamy is a perfectly rational reproductive strategy in light of the greater physical responsibilities and risks women have in terms of childbearing and b) it is actually great for civilization. Women are looking to get the most resource-rich men they can and that’s why we have cell-phones, symphonies and self-driving cars. Guys who didn’t look like Johnny Depp still wanted to find a high quality mate, which meant they needed to bring something other than looks to the table. So they went out and created more resources for themselves (and others). Women’s invariable flocking to the highest quality males pushes men to continually strive for improvements. Improving themselves, improving the world, creating useful tools, crafting beautiful works of art, writing moving songs and so on. Someone (I don’t know exactly who) once remarked that a man guaranteed a steady flow of blowjobs from supermodels for the rest of his life would be perfectly content to live in a cardboard box. While that statement is no doubt an exaggeration, it illustrates the point that the amenities men have created in this world have not been primarily intended for their own enjoyment, but rather for that of women. We can thank hypergamy for the fact that we all, regardless of gender, get to enjoy these comforts today.

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