Seorankflicks myths in terms of SEO

If you have read this article, it’s either you’re curious,
is that your SEO is still imperfect. In any case, know that the SEO of a
website is a very complicated thing, which requires a lot of experience and
attendance. In this article we discussed with seorankflciks, one of the top search engine optimization company in Montreal Quebec,the biggest myths in terms of SEO that
are part of the web and misleading a lot of novices, who subsequently commit
beautiful flops.

1 – High Page Rank means a well optimized site.

I decided to start with this one because it annoys me for
quite some time! Page Rank (PR) is a rating service, an algorithm created by
Google in the early 2000s measuring the popularity of a website. In principle,
the PR assigns each website a rating, based on the number of back links.

Contrary to what most people think, PageRank is only a drop
in the ocean of criteria to better position its website. The rankings are not
always equal to PR, remember this well. Successful PR is the only brand image,
tool to prove that your site is quality and reliable.

I would add that PageRank to become less important in recent
years, virtually abandoned by webmasters. To conclude: do not get hung up
there, it would be a waste of time, rather check your back links and return
register your sites in directories!

2 – Your site has a good SEO, you can rest.

Another small detail that I would like to clarify: know that
the SEO of a website is not done over a few months or even a year or two; it
works on the entire lifetime of your site. If you thought that because your optimization
is respectable, you could now just concentrate on the publication of your blog
article to keep afloat, you were wrong. Why ? Google’s algorithm is a very
sophisticated tool, something beyond our imagination: it is updated constantly
and visit every day and every hour millions of sites for one purpose: to update
the rankings.

Imagine you suddenly stop your  work, what will happen?
First, you will lose the side of regularity, since Google penalizes too net
habit changes. Then you will eventually see you downgraded back into second or
third place in the competition, which they have continued their work on SEO.

Also, do not forget: remember to update your pages. A page
updated, even a few lines will be better considered a page getting older and
thus losing relevance!

3 – The first position is the best place possible.

False. By reading this, you’ve probably felt hurt or you may
have me mistaken for someone who does not know what he’s talking, but wait,
I’ll explain why the first position is not the best place for your site.

In logic, the first position is the one that allows you to
capture the most traffic, it is undeniable, but know first that according to
the research I have done, most people avoid the first link is often ads

I would say this is the first page that is most important to
your blog / article and not the first: a page ranked 5th and possessing a rich
and relevant content, with a more polished title can bring more visitors and
potential buyers. We must not forget that a good SEO is a tool to reach your
goal, it’s not YOUR finality.

4 – Approved by Google = trusted site.

On some sites, especially sites that offer their services in
terms of SEO, there are the words “approved by Google” or
“Google certified.” Beware 100% of such announcement and invite
yourself to leave this kind of site as soon as you saw this message type. Why ?

From seorankflicks, we learned that Google does not endorse any website (except his own) and no
one advantage, let alone  companies, since it encourages webmasters to do
their work by themselves without the need to purchase another pack or hack of
all kinds at exorbitant prices. Any good webmaster is aware and familiar with his
craft would not dare advance such statements, then beware.

5 – Specialists SEO = satisfaction guaranteed

As well explained Mark Buckingham, search marketing expert
in one of his posts: “guarantees ranking places do not exist “. Do
not be fooled by the marketing advances SEO companies:

It is impossible to guarantee a position on Google. Just as
the words “approved by Google,” the filing warranty is there to reassure
you. Positioning a site in first place or even on the front page on very
competed keywords is something infinitely complicated and very random (except
perhaps for keywords based on the long-lagging.) If you want a first place on a
highly competitive keyword, you will struggle and splash out for a few months
or a few years.

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