Pheromones Work For Us

So the older I get the more I realise I’d like to be in a long term fulfilling relationship with a beautiful woman I love. And one day I’d like to start my own family using cheap pheromones.However I am very concerned that divorces and breakups.I’ve seen break-ups of long term relationships and divorces happening around me in my group of friends. Plus the fact that it’s become so much easier to cheat on your partner who is attracted to human pheromones.I am afraid of losing things like my house or part of my income if this happens. I don’t want my future kids grow up with a single parent and shit like that. I want them to grow up in a happy home with their natural parents who want more pheromones. Learn more at and

Does anyone feel this way? How can I alleviate and reduce these potential issues and find a partner I could be even until death?I am not married, or have any kids btw. This is my long term thinking at the moment. In order to avoid divorce to 100%, there is a really simple solution: Don’t get married.If you insist on marriage, then make sure you know what you are doing. Prenup, or even hidden assets might be something to look into. All depends on how “safe” you want to be, and what you are risking or are willing to risk. Get more pheromones at have thought about getting prenups when I get married. I will obviously make sure the woman I ask feels like the type I can trust.Well, I did say it was simplistic as it was brief.Points 5 & 6 – Just because MGTOW guys believe this, doesn’t mean it’s false. And in case you were implying that I am jaded, no, I’m not. I’d be happy to have children with a Western woman. I’d think long and hard about marrying her though.Far be it for me to question a ‘master of the language’ 😛 (no, I’m never going to give that one a rest) but perhaps you need to look up the definition of sociopathic.I think you are missing the point. Maverick is asking for pointers. I have given him stuff that is statistically based in fact of pheromones.Fact: Couples from Western countries suffer higher divorce rates than those in more traditional cultures. (Obviously this is multifactorial – but the attitudes of Western women is a major contributor.)Fact: Women in Western countries initiate ~70% of all divorces.Fact: Higher notch count is associated with higher divorce rate – it’s much much lower for a virgin.I don’t have facts on the last point, i.e. family values, but none of these points are deal breakers. You seem to take a black and white approach to everything I say, but you should be a smart enough guy to realize by now that the world is not black and white. It’s grey and has fuzzy edges against human pheromones.Is it possible to have a wonderful, say English, wife who comes from a broken family, is in her mid 30’s who was a raging slut in her day (I like sluts btw ;-)) who will stand by you till the bitter end? Absolutely. Is it likely? No.

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