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So because this role of The Kill Bill is slightly on the masculine side of using sex pheromones, the men who would be most attracted to these roles are more feminine men. Men who are on the soft side are the ones who like to have the strength and direction of these women. Here’s something important now to think about. If you’re truly femini ne deep at your core, then you have to express more feminine energy in your life or else you will not be fulfilled long term. Learn more at and

You have to live what is at your core, which makes up your biology and your physiology and your hormones. If you don’t, you will always find yourself miserable with cheap pheromones. It’s like taking up a new hobby, it takes a bit of time to get used to it. But it’s very important for you to actually get off your seat and copy exactly what the character is doing, and do it often. Repetition is the mother of skill. It takes a heap of repetitions for you to gain a new skill, and this is just another skill you’ll have to learn. It’s just like actors an d actresses have to learn new roles for new movies, you have to learn new roles to not only enrich your own life but the life of your partner. And, if you’re worried about becoming EXACTLY like someone else, and that repels you (which I understand) – don’t worry. You won’t. As you begin to develop the traits and behaviors of these different roles; you actually bring out those little parts of you that HAVE been in those roles in your past, and over time, these bits and pieces all become a part of you, in that role. So here’s what I recommend. Work out which of these 8 roles I shared with you, that you are most comfortable with. The more comfortable you are with a role, the more you live in that role. Now, since you’re comfortable already, there’s not use practicing that even more, so let’s pick just 1 other role that you want to focus on. Ideally something that you haven’t been too comfortable with in the past with sex pheromones. And she’s certainly not afraid to use her powers. See, a lot of women are afraid of their inner mistress and afraid to play that role. I think a lot of us have been taught growing up that s ex is bad, dirty, filthy and should never be talked about. So these women grow up, find themselves a decent man who cares about them and a “good life” (this very term scares me like you wouldn’t believe) but never really develop the mistress part of themselves with sex pheromones. And she’s not afraid of th e consequence of it either. You see, the mistress knows her ability to seduce and tempt men. She loves the control that this gives her. So men who are looking for sex, love this. It just means that they don’t have to work as hard for sex. Men who are in for a long term relationship, will find this role very satisfying but also frustrating.

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