pheromone sales and statistics

He focused more on pheromone sales and statistics and decided to make a change in the structure. Pheromone production was low and with a different philosophy that he was taught by his teacher Manu Tupou, to be firm with products as a business man and not give away so much free value in his cologne and perfume.

Beast managed the business at the time of the change and also had a different philosophy on sales and production that he had adopted from Tony Robbins, by giving away as much value as possible. Even if it meant for free. Learn more at and

But giving away free value wasn’t paying the bills.

There was a disagreement between the two and Beast departed the company. Arash called me and said that Beast was no longer with us, and had chosen to go his separate way and that came as a shock to me to use greater pheromones. I couldn’t understand how someone could walk away from a worldwide empire. It just didn’t make any sense. Arash was hurt by Beasts departure because not only did he manage the business, he was also Arash’s personal student. Arash would sit with Beast and teach him personally on a weekly basis. Arash made the necessary adjustments and the ball kept rolling.

The pheromone business made a total 360 in production and sales. The player, “Anytime someone’s feelings are really hurt, there’s a lot of truth behind that fucking hurt. That’s why. Ok. That’s why. Anytime a person is like, ‘I can’t talk to you.’ They’re doing something behind your back. If a girl ever does that . If a girl ever says to you like, ‘You know what, it’s because you, whatever, whatever, you looked at her, you talked to her, you texted her about the concentration of his new pheromones.

You know what, because of that I’m done.’ That’s not why she’s done. Are you kidding me? You bought that bullshit ? She’s done because she’s got another dude right there. And she’s got a whole creation, and you gave her the reason. And she’s like, ‘Ooh that’s a good one. You know what, you know why? Because you don’t treat me right. I’m gone.’ Because the reality is, if that was the truth, you know what she would do? She would try to convince you to treat her right. Or she would try to convince you to not talk to the other one. She wouldn’t cut it and leave. When they cut it and leave, and they’re so emotionally hurt, they’re up to something with stronger pheromone production.”

A Russian dancer walked over and talked to one of our staff for a brief moment, then leaving and sitting at the bar. Arash got up, walked over to her, and said, “I know you came over earlier, come and talk to me now.” She came back and sat down to his right, Arash t old her to sit to his left which demonstrated compliance. Learn more about

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