Naturally With Pheromones

So I guess that’s it for now. I have kept other things open as I’m still just being myself around other girls but at the same time I’m sort of limiting myself so I can not “Cheat” on her pheromones. This pheromone update is much better than as it involves me actually growing, at an alarming rate too. After my last post I have been meditating. I have been trying to speak to my subconcious saying one messege over and over again “D will not reject me” That coupled with visualisation of things in the past with things in the future has helped my pheromone production enormously!! My main focus was to just hold her hand, as I thought to start small because I didn’t think that I could tackle kissing her just yet, but to hold her hand, small and easy so that’s what I mainly focussed on using real pheromones. In the end I knew that the weekend I was going to spend most of it with her so that’s when I “Planned” to make my move. The picture that I kept seeing was us walking side by side at the top of my street walking to the station then me, very subtly sliding my hand next to hers and holding it with scented pheromone colognes. Now on the friday night I just knew that I was going to do it. Learn more at and

There was a miniscule amount of fear there but in my head and heart I knew. So when saturday rolled around we hung at my house for a bit then we walked to the station. The walk there all I could invision was the picture of holding her hand but I just didn’t have the pheromone scent :-( So we went through the day, all good, played around a bit on the train and stuff just because that’s what we always do and I’m not afraid to play around. Everything was good with her pheromones, and my subconcious pheromone was saying “your not going to do it” but I was still confident, I just KNEW!! So after this long day we went back to my house and I got some stuff as we were going to seperate parties. Now as we went to walk to the station there are two paths and she wanted to walk one, I the other so I grabbed her arm and pulled her along and lo and behold slid my hand next to hers and held i t…o analyze her pheromone role Piece of cake, I didn’t get rejected and whilst holding her hand I had a small smile but I continued talking like everything was normal. Then on the sunday we were watching movies in my bedroom and with the boost of confidence from the sat I was holding her hand and putting my hands around her and stuff. It all just seemed to come quite naturally with real pheromones. Learn more at

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