My BMW X5 Experience

When I was growing up I always loved the BMW car. My parents had one and I wanted to have one myself when I was able to drive. After I got my license I started to work a lot, just to buy a car. I gave up a lot of things in high school like spending money on partying and girls and things like that. Don’t get me wrong but I did party, I wasn’t a complete slouch.

When I started to look for a car after I have saved up several thousand dollars, there were a few cars that I like that I looked at. One was a 330ci which was a sexy 2 door coupe. The only problem with this car was me mileage. I thought that it should have low mileage but wasn’t sure. I talked to a mechanic and he told me to bring it in for a look. After the inspection the mechanic told me the only real issue was with the brakes and one of the shocks at the back. It was the right rear. He told me that I should talk to the owner to get this fixed.

Wheeling and Dealing

When I approached the owner with this, he wasn’t surprised. He asked how the rest of the car checked out and despite the high mileage, the mechanic said it was a solid car. I made a deal with the owner that if he gets it fixed for me I will give him what he is asking because it will be costing him a few hundred dollars and in the end his price was fair and I get new brakes out of the deal.

My first BMW

I was excited when I realized I would finally have my first BMW. After a few days, the owner called me to tell me that the car was ready and I can pick it up. I went the same day with cash in hand, we transferred the owner ship and I was a proud new owner!

I drove that car for about 5 years. It cost me a little maintain but was still a great car. To this day I miss it.

Move Over 330ci

After ownership of this BMW I decided that I wanted to get something different. This time what really caught my eye was the BMW X5. I was eyeing a similar one like this BMW X5 for sale and decided that I should do a trade in with my 330. I was going to sell it privately but I have heard how cheap people can be with their low-balling and miserable experience. Plus, I found out that if I do a trade in the value of my car gets deducted from the value of the X5 so I only pay tax on the difference. For sure the dealer won’t give me as much, but the money I save on taxes will more or less make up for what I could get if I sold it to someone retail. This way I avoid all the hassle and BS.


To this day I still have the X5 and love it. I think my next car will be an X6. To anyone considering a BMW X5 I suggest you do your shopping first, like with any car. I’ve had a great experience so I hope you do as well.

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