MP3 to Text transcription is the most Popular

Earlier transcribing voice into text with intelligible human voice recognition tools posed a lot of difficulties. The machines confused homonyms and they took a lot of time to convert the speech into a written format. Softwares have ever since been developed by mankind to counter these disadvantages and most of them work satisfactorily too. For example, there is a dictation pad that has been developed over the years called MP3 to text ( a software) which converts MP3 format into text with the help of a converter. It is believed to be a speech-recognition software.

Once the speaker starts his speech and the voice is recorded onto the converter, it is automatically converted into the MP3 format and this happens real time. The converter works fast, almost as fast as the speaker gives his narration. According to the proponents of such speech utility programs and certain regular users, these softwares don’t miss out or confuse on a single word that is uttered. The file is stored in this way into MP3 file. But you will have to enlist the services of an editor, it is a special software that works with great speed and alacrity to remove what do not make sense and to make the text look intelligible. You can actually do a word by word editing with this software. Not only that, the file which has been converted to the text can be cut, copied, pasted and even searched on any application of your choice.

Though this does everything with high speed and actual time dictation, it still needs the human touch to go through every bit of the conversion. But transferring the MP3 to text in this manner will save a lot of time, that could otherwise have been lost in dictation.

The major benefit of having a software that could convert the MP3 to text, is that this version is made available to people with hearing disabilities. If they are present at the conference, meeting or a talk show, they can listen to this version of the speech without any waiting period. This helps them to respond to what’s been said and they too can make a contribution to the discussion. This is very useful for students who attend several common seminars where they can read a text material of what the speaker is saying. Since now everything is available in the internet, this software is available for download and that too free of cost! Several websites offer free softwares for the purpose. Most of the softwares work in the same manner; once the program is downloaded, you can add the new MP3 file into the converter as a new project and edit them at leisure.

The only disadvantage of these MP3 files are that they are really large files, that take up a lot of space on the computer. When compared to an mp3 file, the disk space used will be significantly larger. MP3 files are also limited when they convert the audio, they allow only 6 hours of recorded speech, which is much lower than other audio formats.

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