I Love Pheromones!

I know these things because I spent hours on the phone with her with her telling me how badly her self esteem had hit rock bottom ever since she entered the relationship, because he’d tell her she was stupid and slow and inefficient and a whole host of other things with sex pheromones. My honest belief is that to show up as a fake ‘bubby princess’ so often, which she still does even after almost a decade since we finished school pretty much whenever there are men around (she doesn’t do it with women as much), she has an underlying belief that she i s not enough, because someone who feels like they are enough, and that they have value to add to others would be FAR more in tune with what value they can actually add to people around them, and instead of faking a role to GET something, they’d embody the bubbly princess role in order to spread genuine feminine energy of real pheromones. Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/her-pheromone-reactions and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/sounds-like-true-pheromones-improvement

So, back to the bubbly princess role. When men see a bubbly princess, someone who has so much natural energy and love for life, he knows that’s rare. He knows that she is vulnerable to life like a blossoming flower in the desert. And he would feel compelled to protect that, because it is WORTH protecting. (A lot of women these days are simply not worthy of a man’s protection) If you want commitment from a man, the bubbly princess does a great job of it. She lights the man’s life with fun and love that other women simply can’t do. She injects men’s pheormones with a sense of aliveness and excitement that makes men want to give up their treasures for this feeling. Now of course, being the bubbly princess means that you will also repel some kinds of men. As for any role you take in life, there are those who will be attracted to it, and those who are repelled. That isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes you want to repel some men in order to attract the man you really want. And if you try and please everyone… guess what? Pheromones work for most men.You’ll please no one and have no one. So don’t try and be everything to everyone at every moment, because that will only drive you mad . So what kind of men are repelled by the bubbly princes s? The weak ones. The men who know inside that they don’t actually have the ability to protect someone as vulnerable as the bubbly princess. So they don’t even try to approach. The men who are insecure within themselves, wouldn’t approach a bubbly prince ss. They may be somewhat attracted, but wouldn’t have the confidence to do anything about it. The men who are out in the bars and clubs looking for a new sex object, wouldn’t go for a bubbly princess. That’s not the sexual energy that they’re looking for sex pheromones. Learn more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/Pheromones-In-The-Club.htm

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