Conquering Her With Pheromones

Use pheromones watch him of wanting to sleep with you, which is most likely true anyway, even if he hasn’t made his move yet. Verbalizing this blame will actually make it easier for him to transition to sexuality with you. A few Implied Frames you can use for Blaming include: • He is checking you out. • He is trying to get you drunk. • He is “ready to go.” • He can barely hold himself back. HIM: “You need another drink!” YOU: “Soooo, you’re trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” HIM: “I’m a nice guy.” YOU: “We’ll see about that.” Implying that the guy did something allows you to bring sexuality into the conversation without him realizing it. Since you’re implying that he’s doing it, you get to be sexual without appearing “easy.” TECHNIQUE THREE: COQUETTING Giving mixed signals, what I call Coquetting, is an amazingly powerful technique because it causes a guy to obsessively think about you. Coquetting forces a guy to constantly reassess where he stands. Do you want to be with him? Are you just leading him along? One moment you seem hot and the next minute you’re cold. He cannot figure you out, which means you are constantly in his thoughts. A problem he cannot solve without true pheromones. This is your power. This is Hopeful Pheromone Attraction. Learn more at

Early on in my pickup career, I became aware of this power when I was dating a girl who drove me crazy with desire. Even when I was with her, I wanted her more. I couldn’t read her signals. She kept me in a state of attraction and confusion. Her secret was that she knew how to Coquette, how to send me mixed signals, even in a relationship. I wasn’t the only one who fell under her charms; every guy at her work had a crush on her. She wasn’t even the prettiest girl. In fact, she was quite average, like Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones. But she had every guy she met in a complete tizzy over her. So how do you get the same results? There are two types of Coquetting: physical and verbal. You can use them in combination, but for now, we’ll look at them as two separate entities with more verbal Coquet- ting happening during your first meeting and the physical happening later, while you’re dating. I encourage you to keep it up all the time, even in a committed relationship. People think it’s inevitable that chemistry dies in relation- ships, but the truth is that it only dies if the two of you kill it. Remember, you’re only appropriately allowing some escalation to happen if he’s shown really solid, genuine interest in you. THE “SEXY LIBRARIAN” FANTASY The most common fantasy we see in men takes the form of a girl who seems very innocent, but is far from it and will speak to their every desire behind closed doors. That com- bination of innocence and lust seems incongruent, but it is exactly what makes you an enigma. Truth be told, you can do this with many different opposing parts of your personality to draw men in. Passive Sexual Innuendo The first type of Sexual Innuendo is Passive Sexual Innuendo, and this is by far the easiest to do. A Passive Sexual Innuendo is where you show you approve of his Innuendo. Learn more at

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