Car Insurance Rules For Learner Drivers

Although telematics may sound like a complicated subject to get your head round it’s really very easy.

Insurance comparison sites such as generate the cheapest, most competitive quotes from all the top car insurers, using the specific information that you as the driver provide. After you receive and select your quote, a professional insurance broker will be standing by to lock in your rate with the insurer. They will also help you get set up with your new policy. With the whole process done in minutes, online comparison sites like save you time, and of course, money.

Insurance costs for new drivers are understandably higher than they are for experienced drivers. Unfortunately, many of these factors are outside of your control. However, in addition to choosing a safe vehicle and keeping a clean driving record, there are other ways to keep your car insurance as low as possible. In fact, many insurance providers offer discounts, such as a good grades discount or safety features discount, you may be able to take advantage of. You may also want to consider being added on one of your parent’s policies, which will save you considerably more than opting for a policy of your own.

Insurance costs vary considerably depending on your vehicle. Understandably, cars with higher horsepower, or that are classified as sports cars (even older models) tend to be more costly to insure, as they tend to be driven more aggressively (especially by teens and males). Also understandably, the more valuable the vehicle, the higher the insurance premium – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheapest car is necessarily your best bet for your teen driver.

INSURANCE dont get me started…but I will. Few rare occassions that I had insurance all the bloody bureaucratic bull you have to go through for small claims they claim are possible make it impossible and worthless … im not insured for anything life, job, car, house, travel, moving, bike, back or arse. They are like banks with high fees, interest rates but this isn’t your savings … they get to keep it… whats a sista to be but uninsured.

Insurance helps you to manage a risk if something happens to you or your property and helps you recover from the difficulties and financial hardship caused by unexpected events that cause injury and/or a financial loss. The person who buys the policy is known as the policyholder or the insured. In return, the insurance company who issues the policy to you promises it will compensate you under certain loss or damage circumstances as set out in the policy.

Insurance industry bodies will be key in helping their members get ready for the rapidly growing number of connected cars and the tsunami of data that will follow, but as each motor manufacturer limits the number of companies it works with, private motor insurers and organisations that specialise in telematics and big data must facilitate the interaction between industries to remain ahead and competitive,” says Penny Searles, Managing Director, Wunelli.

Insurance is a numbers game. Adjustors collect information about what types of people get into accidents. Over the years they see a trend. Drivers that work as engineers tend to get into fewer accidents. Why? It would be fun to speculate about the reasons (pocket protectors — need we say more?) but the insurance companies don’t really care about that. All they know is that, in fact, engineers are a low risk. Since there is less chance that they will wrap their cars around the trunk of a horse chestnut tree, they charge engineers less for insurance.


Insurance is a scam no matter how you see it. Driving should be at your own risk with everyone paying just a little per month for investigations in accidents to see who is at fault. Then we have the option of obtaining insurance to cover our person and our vehicles in case something happens. Most of us have health insurance these days so who needs the PIP, really? If you want to drive a $100k car then you had better insure it. But me, I drive a 20 yr old hooptie. Any fender bender will just about total it, so I would rather put my $100/mo in a savings account and retain my rights so I actually have money to replace the vehicle when I get eventually get rear ended.

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