Car Insurance Mazda Rx8 1.3

With SmartMiles, your future car insurance premiums will be based on the way you drive. Most insurance policies just use generalisations about people in an age group and with a certain level of experience. If you’re a safe but inexperienced driver, SmartMiles has the potential to save you a significant amount of money over the years.

Insurance companies are competing for your business. Not only do they want you to purchase a car insurance policy through them, but many hope that you will purchase home and life policies with their companies as well. Many providers resort to television advertising, sales gimmicks and promotions to try to grab you, so you may believe that there is no such thing as cheap deposit insurance. Well, you are right and you are wrong.

Insurance companies are run by hardheaded businessmen these days so it is hardly surprising that a number of them have decided to capitalise on the fact that so many people are having problems paying their insurance bills by bringing out no deposit car insurance schemes. Under one of these schemes an insurance premium is worked out and then it is divided by 12, and that sum becomes the monthly repayment which is paid either by credit card or direct debit. The first payment is then made by credit card, which means that the client does not have to find any deposit whatsoever at the time of taking out the policy.

Insurance companies charge more for policies that include modifications done to the car for of two reasons. The first has to do with performance modifications. Special parts that enhance speed can lead to accidents. The second reason has to do with the aesthetic modifications. These are the spoilers, racing graphics, sunroofs, wide tires, and other additions that make your car more appealing to the eye. The problem with this type of modification is that your car is now more likely to be targeted by thieves.

Insurance companies handle cancellations based on terms laid out in the policy when you sign up. Early cancellation involves administrative costs as well as the loss of the premiums which are rated based on the full term of coverage, usually a year. Each insurance company has their own policy regarding cancellations, and the penalties often vary based on when and why you cancel.


Insurance companies have been ripping off us policy holders for years as evidenced by their large annual profits. In addition they penalize those of us who are loyal customers because they take advantage of the fact that we are unlikely to shop other insurers for lower rates. If you don’t believe me and have been with an insurer for more than 10 years, do yourself a favor and shop other insurers. You might be surprised to find rates 20 – 40% lower than your current rate. Although I don’t agree with this lady’s fraudulent methods, I will never feel sorry for insurance companies.

Insurance companies have gone crazy ….. I am 28 and was looking at buying my first car (a Fiat seicento 900cc Mia) this is an insurance group 1 E vehicle and would cost around 950 for a nice example.k I thought for a fist car, Then I got the insurance quotes in … I have spent hours on the phone and have visited most of the big comparison sites and the cheapest price for me is 1880 (more if I pay monthly) and an excess of 800 ! This is just not a realistic price and when you factor in the cost of road tax, M..T, and the obligatory go go juice this 950 car would cost in excess of 5000 for the first year. God help me if I had an accident in that year too lol!


Insurance companies know people don’t want to wait for insurance cards(due to impulse car buying) so the insurance companys give you you a policy based on a quote and reserve the right to change that once they have a better history on the driver. HECK, they can change your rates at any point and for any reason. In a court, all they have to say is the customer’s risk” changed. I’m sure they could easily proove that in a court of law.

Insurance companies may offer you a package with or without an own risk excess. You are free to choose whether you want your health care package with or without own risk. There are different own risk amounts: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 euros. If you decide to include an own risk excess in your package you will have to pay the first 100-500 euros (depending on your own risk amount) of medical costs yourself. Your insurance company will charge you with a lower insurance fee if you include an own risk excess in your package.

Insurance companies may try to wear you down into accepting a settlement offer by stalling. This may include losing paperwork you already submitted, transferring you to numerous agents throughout the company – all of which seem to know nothing about your claim, and, in some cases, they simply will not return your calls. This can be a frustrating experience, but it is done so by design. Some accident victims will give up and stop making the calls, which is what the insurance company wants. The best way to deal with an insurer that refuses to take your calls is to have your attorney start making them for you.

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